Case Studies

Case Study - Enhancing Speed to Market for new product launch by 4 months

  • A leading multinational healthcare company was keen to launch a new product in India was facing a lead time of 3 months for developing India specific packing plus one month actual packaging timeline.
  • We designed an innovative solution for the healthcare company to import its fast moving international english pack at FTWZ which is a deemed foreign territory in India and legally allows repacking and labelling.
  • We did repackaging at FTWZ for the international packs and made them compliant as per Legal Metrology Act and Drugs & Cosmetics Act thus meeting regulatory compliance. This ensured a speedy launch of the product in India generating additional 4 months sales revenue for the company.

Case Study - Logistics Solution for a Patient Support Programme

  • A global pharmaceutical company was getting lot of requests for a life saving drug not yet made available in India and were not able to meet the patient requests on compassionate grounds.
  • We provided regulatory assistance to the individual patients obtain a personal import license, place orders with the overseas supply site, arrange customs clearance in India and arrange door delivery to patient homes as per the global patient support programme of the innovator company to make critical life saving medicines available on time to make a difference in lives of patients.

Case Study- Improving the Cold Chain Management solution for Highly Sensitive Blood Products and Saving Detention

  • A Global Healthcare company importing highly temperature sensitive shipments was facing delay in customs clearance at airport with shipment clearance time of 4 days which resulted in frequent temperature excursions and huge detention.
  • We structured and planned a novel way of handling their customs clearance as a Customs Broker and were able to bring down the customs clearance to a few hours on the same day of goods landing which saved the company the risk of temperature excursions and huge savings in detention cost of Envirotainers & airport.
  • We also customised two new temperature controlled trucks with state of the art infrastructure to maintain 2 to 8 degree C and also did a Qualification study to ensure the trucks are able to maintain temperature uniformly inside all parts of the cargo hold area within specified range. We started using these trucks for all movements which was able to enhance the cold chain management of domestic logistics movement.

Case Study- Optimising supply chain by JIT supply of raw material

  • A Global Healthcare company importing temperature sensitive shipments of raw material was facing challenges due to forecast inaccuracies in terms of frequent production changes and as a result mismatch in raw material availability as they were producing at multiple sites in India. A high ordering lead time of 3 months and shipment time by sea of 2 months further complicated the problem as they were faced with shortage in one production site and surplus in another.
  • We structured and planned a novel solution wherein we consolidated routing of all raw material import at FTWZ where we stored the product duty free upto two years in temperature controlled rooms and gave the flexibility to split one shipment to multiple factories depending on the production requirement Just in Time thereby eliminating the shortage situations and resultant production loss.

Case Study- Consultancy Services to assist in the Market Entry Strategy for a Japanese giant wanting to enter India

  • A Japanese company was keen to enter the market in India but they were not aware of the Indian market and the regulations. They wanted support and guidance for launching their products in India from a regulatory, commercial compliances and supply chain perspective.
  • We provided consultancy services to help them launch the products on time and also helped them with all commercial & regulatory compliances, setting up and managing their temperature controlled warehouse and logistics and also started in the operational management of their supply chain management.

Case Study-Ensuring compliance as per Legal Metrology & Drugs & Cosmetics Act labelling for imported products at FTWZ

  • A Multinational healthcare company was unable to get their overseas sourcing site to do India specific packing as the volumes were too low to do it the manufacturing site. Legal Metrology Act specifies that products meant for retail sale should have compliant labelling at the time of import besides Labelling in India in a warehouse is considered deemed manufacturing and is not allowed.
  • We helped the healthcare company import its fast moving international English pack at FTWZ which is a deemed foreign territory in India and legally allows repacking and labelling.
  • We do repackaging for 60 million packs per annum at FTWZ for the international packs and make them compliant as per Legal Metrology Act and Drugs & Cosmetics Act thus meeting regulatory compliance before import into India.

Case Study- National Distribution Solution

  • An Engineering industrial products organisation with products and pallets of varying sizes and customers across India wanted an integrated logistics service provider with high service levels.
  • We provide integrated logistics services by way of providing customs brokerage, transportation of containers from port, managing their warehouse hub and managing national distribution across India for service to its customers.

Case Study- Improving efficiency of operations by running the Asia Pacific hub for third country trading at FTWZ

  • A Multinational paint company with manufacturing plants in India, China, Thailand & Japan was operating & trading across countries in Asia and Middle East & Africa was facing lot of cost in importing into India paying duty and re-exporting it to third countries incurring heavy freight.
  • We helped set up a warehousing and trading hub in FTWZ for the paint company wherein goods could be freely imported and re-exported to third countries without paying duty. Besides, the company was also able to consolidate cargo of multiple countries with Indian manufactured product and re-export it as a single shipment which lead to massive savings in cost and also improved the speed of operation.

Case Study- Helping Overseas Company not registered in India to stock & sell from FTWZ and also source & do export consolidation

  • A US based chemicals company not yet registered in India wanted to test the Indian market for its viability. FTWZ allows foreign companies to hold stock and do trading without the need for the company to be registered in India.
  • We helped the US company to warehouse the goods in FTWZ and offered the Indian customers to come and inspect the cargo before purchase and the US company was able to offer stocks Just in Time (JIT) to its Indian customers thus enhancing the competitiveness of its offering.
  • The US company was able to source products from multiple Indian Suppliers and consolidate the cargo at FTWZ, add its margin and repack it with their brand and mask the identity of original manufacturers and sell the product under its name to final customers in US.

Case Study- Innovative solution for temporary import for display or exhibition in India without paying customs duty

  • A foreign company operating in India had to regularly import products for display to prospective customers in India for business development during exhibitions or otherwise for some event and post display they had to re-export it back to origin. The company was incurring heavy customs duty and procedural hurdles.
  • We structured an innovative solution wherein they could bring goods into India without paying duty on the condition of re-export within a specified time and made the logistics procedure easy & transparent.

Case Study- Transportation Solution for Liquid bulk cargo

  • A tyre company wanted a solution for transportation of imported liquid bulk haz cargo in Iso Tanks from seaport to their manufacturing plant in interiors of India.
  • We are consistently providing for last 4 years a solution to store Iso tanks at a container terminal near seaport and provide Iso Tank transportation solution as per Just in Time requirement of manufacturing plant and providing reverse logistics for the empty IsoTank container back to the seaport.

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